ACRES Outreach

Morning after three very successful ACRES Co-operation events in Sligo, Galway and Waterford yesterday, our teams are getting ready for two more engagements tonight.  We will be out meeting farmers in the Galtee Mountains in Tipperary and in the Dartry Mountains in North Leitrim introducing ACRES, answering questions and sketching out our plans for the roll out of the scheme.

For us these events have been a great experience as our staff in local areas are getting an introduction to the communities they will serve. For farmers there is an opportunity to learn more about how ACRES is progressing and how they can optimise the benefits from the scheme.

The open days are held on local farms, and when weather conditions permit we take the opportunity to point out the positive indicator species to farmers and demonstrate how a field is scored. There is also a lot of interest in Non-Productive Investments and  Landscape Actions.

Due to the level of interest (well over 1,000 farmers have attended over the last 3 weeks) we will continue with public events through the summer. Farmers will be invited to events near them and of course the meetings will be listed on our website.

Events are planned for next week in Wicklow, Cork, Kerry and Leitrim, details of these will be posted soon. Tonight’s meetings (Wednesday July 12th) are in

Galtee Mountains at Upper Burncourt, Cahir, Co. Tipperary at 6:00pm

North West Breifne in Leckaun, Co. Leitrim at 7:00pm

Tomorrows meetings will be held in

Slieve Aughty (Clare) at Crusheen, Co. Clare at 6:00pm

South Breifne at Corlough, Co. Cavan at 7:00pm

For details on any of these please contact the local project team, contact details are on the website.