Co-operation Project

ACRES Co-operation – A locally adapted agri- environment scheme for the North West

The Breifne Co-operation Project is headed by Dr. Caroline Sullivan.

It is based in Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim. For administrative purposes, it is divided into four parts.

ACRES Breifne Co-operation Project

The Breifne Co-operation area is spread across five counties; Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan, Roscommon and Monaghan. The area contains very high farmland biodiversity with huge potential for the delivery of ecosystem services. Unfortunately it has been largely overlooked in the past (e.g. low areas of designation or support from large scale results based schemes like the Hen Harrier or Freshwater Pearl Mussel projects. The area contains a large part of the most biodiverse grasslands in the country (Annex quality grasslands). 

This cooperation project area stretches from Inishmurray and the North Sligo coast through Ben Bulben to the Drumlin Belt and on to the uplands of Slieve Beagh in Co. Monaghan. It contains the upper reaches of some of Ireland’s largest river systems including the Erne and the Shannon along with Ireland’s only limestone Mountain range, the Dartrys, home to a unique inland population of Chough.

Local Area Plan

Examples of local objectives

For administrative reasons ACRES Breifne is divided into four parts:

• NorthWest Breifne

The objectives for Northwest Breifne include Chough, Geese and Swans, Water Quality and Upland Peatlands.

• Central Breifne

The objectives for Central Breifne include Hen Harrier, Water Quality, Semi Natural Grasslands and Upland Peatlands.

• Slieve Beagh

In the Slieve Beagh Area in Co. Monaghan the objectives in Slieve Beagh include Hen Harrier, Breeding Waders Water Quality and Upland Peatlands include Breeding Waders, Water Quality, Upland Peatlands and Semi Natural Grasslands.

• South Breifne

Objectives in South Breifne include Breeding Waders, Geese and Swans, Water Quality, Semi Natural Grasslands and Upland Peatlands.

The objectives listed are not in order of priority nor does the list include all of the objectives in each area. At a local scale there will be additional priorities.

Contact Acres Breifne

The ACRES Breifne Co-operation Project Team is headed by Dr. Caroline Sullivan and Dr. Julien Carlier.

The team are based in:

Unit 3, W8 Centre, Church Lane, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim. F91PF2Y. Their phone number is (071) 98 56508.