Commonage Update

Commonage assessments are proceeding well. The assessment of Commonages in ACRES Breifne, ACRES Leinster and ACRES Munster South Connacht are now more than 90% complete, ACRES Leinster leads the pack at 98.94% assessed.

Our team came across a lot of interesting features on the hills, such as these Wedge tombs in the Slieve Aughties in Co. Clare.


Breifne CP Area                                                                 98.20%

Breifne Non CP                                                                 56.04%

Leinster CP area                                                                98.94%

Leinster Non CP                                                                54.93%

Munster South Connacht CP area                                    93.30%

Munster / South Connacht Non-CP                                 23.30%