ACRES July 5th

In  spite of the mixed weather, our teams had a very successful day yesterday.

  • 800 ha of commonage were assessed in the Knockmealdown Mountains in Co. Waterford and the Slieve Aughty Mountains in Co. Galway.
  • 200 ha of aerial surveys were flown in the Slieve Aughty Mountains.
  • Open evenings were held for participants in the ACRES Scheme in Glencar in Co. Sligo, and in the Ballyhouras and Slievefelims in Co. Limerick. Approx 120 farmers attended these events. Good open discussion at all of these events with a lot of interest in Non-Productive Investments and Landscape Actions.

The weather is not suitable for flying today, but five teams (11 staff) are out assessing commonages in the Knockmealdowns and the Slieve Aughties. In addition a further four farmer open days will be held this evening in the Slieve Blooms in Co. Laois, Slieve Beagh in Co. Monaghan, in the Slieve Callan area of Co. Clare and in the Knockmealdowns in Co. Waterford.