Our logos were developed by Ourside Design Agency, a website and mobile app development team based in Galway. A bird of prey is incorporated into the logo to maintain the link with our company’s origin in the Hen Harrier Project EIP. The colours, ranging from dark green through light green to Copper signify the range of vegetation types in the Co-operation zones that we serve.

This colour scheme is also used on the vehicles used by the company. Most of the vehicles used will be VW Caddy vans, a single Toyota Land Cruiser will be used to provide a 4-wheel drive capacity to support Commonage Assessments and Drone operations. We want the public to be reassured by our presence, our vehicles have a distinctive colour scheme so that people would not be alarmed by unknown vehicles parked up in fields or farmyards. If staff have to use their own vehicles, they will display a company logo and sign on their dashboard. All of our staff will carry ID at all times.

If you see us on the road, give us a wave!