Advisor Training Courses

Farm Advisors are still very busy with applications for the new BISS scheme. But very soon the ACRES Assessment season will be upon them. Significant numbers of advisors have gained experience in habitat assessment both through REAP, older schemes like the Burren Project and EIPs as the Hen Harrier or Pearl Mussel Projects.

It will be a big challenge for all concerned as the number of fields nationally will be very large. To ensure that it can be carried out as effectively as possible the CP Co-operation Teams will deliver training to advisors over the next few weeks.

The ACRES Breifne, ACRES Leinster and ACRES Munster Teams will deliver 11 training courses for advisors in Counties Carlow, Galway, Kerry, Leitrim, Tipperary and Wicklow. These courses will cover the main score cards used in the scheme, additional training will be provided to advisors on an individual basis for the more  specialist scorecards such as for Corncrake or Breeding Waders.

ACRES CP Scorecard training_advisors (1)