Commonage Update -Commonage Assessments in the Dublin Wicklow Mountains Completed

The big mountain commonages are almost all assessed now. Probably just as well as the evenings are really starting to close in. Over 90% of commonages in ACRES Breifne, ACRES Leinster and ACRES Munster South Connacht. The big block of commonages in the Dublin/ Wicklow Mountains is all but completed now. after a massive effort. Thankfully the weather in September was better than what we experienced in July and August.

Still a bit to do with the commonages outside the CP areas but these are generally smaller and the shortening days are not so much of a concern.

There is still a bit to do, both in the field and in the office, organising the scorecards and getting the Commonage plans put together bit we are confident the team will get it done. The next big step is to communicate the scores and the opportunities to increase them out to the farmers. This is a big job in itself so I ask farmers to be patient with us. Your local team will be in touch as soon as they can.


Commonage Type Total Area (ha) Surveyed Area (ha) % Completed
ACRES Breifne CP Commonage 21,759.56 20,672.02 95.00
Breifne Area Non CP Commonage 783.04 294.60 37.62
ACRES Leinster CP Commonage 33,251.00 32,705.34 98.36
Leinster Area Non CP Commonage 5,651.87 781.10 13.82
ACRES Munster South Connacht CP Commonage 25,471.50 23,333.20 91.60
Munster South Connacht Non CP Commonage 10,721.00 3,090.57 28.83
Total 97,637.97 80,876.83 82.83